Next up...10/13 - 10/14/18 AKC CAT & Fast CAT
  • Paws on the Path - Tire Jump
  • Vizla "Kasha" owned by Cheryl and Kerry Brimmer returns from a swim.
  • Club members practice Team Obedience - Lori Whitney and her Labrador Retriever, Roger LaBarge and his Belgian Tervuren, and Kathy Schuh and her Border Terrier. Coaching in the background is Shirley LaBarge.
  • Belgian Tervuren "Versai" - Versailles de la Lune owned by Becky Barr - races through the tunnel on an agility course.

Timber Ridge Obedience Club of Central Wisconsin

TROCCW is a sport-oriented dog training club with members training and competing in a wide variety of dogsports including agility, obedience, tracking, rally, herding, field, coursing, flyball, dockdiving, nosework and more!

February 25th, 2017

Awards Pizza Party

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